Mayde Studio Lauren Grieger
Mayde Studio

I’m Lauren

I’m a multi-passionate creative based in Adelaide, South Australia.
Painting, design and florals bring me an incredible amount of joy, and I feel so blessed that I get to do this as my job! Most days you’ll find me in our sunlit studio, with my rabbit “Sunny” at my feet and a giant cup of tea that sometimes doubles as a water pot by my side.

When I’m not creating i’ll most likely be hanging out with my sweetheart husband Liam, wandering Adelaide’s beautiful suburbs in search of donuts and a spicy almond chai latte. I’m a big nature enthusiast who loves going for a hike, a sustainability seeker who has too many jars that will “come in handy one day”, and a lover of animals and their sweet faces.

Being raised in country South Australia, I was blessed with an amazing amount of inspiration around me everyday. With craft and art supplies galore I very early found a love for watercolour painting, botanical drawing and creating beautiful layouts. This was explored through creative subjects at high school, and with a Bachelor of Visual Communication at The University of South Australia.

Creating is my calling, and I love it!

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I’d love to get to know you.

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